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People Policy

Strategic HR policy development


The interdependent subjects of employment law and HR policies are essential parts of Kingshill's portfolio.  We offer you our skills and expertise in:

1.Reviewing / auditing your current HR policies in the context of UK legal compliance and benchmark best practice. This is done with the combination of extensive practical HR and Legal knowledge. Policies copied out of a 'code of practice', or imported 'off the shelf' are rarely appropriate to the culture and market positioning of our clients.


2. Employment Law Training, particularly focused on the essential responsibilities of the line manager in putting employment law into practice at the 'front line' before HR are involved.


3. Our unique Benchmarking Club - The One Step Ahead Club - that provides a confidential information exchange forum for member companies dealing the spectrum of fair employment matters.


4. Employment Policy Benchmarking - providing the highest quality bespoke research into current market place practice in specific policy areas - often essential evidence in major policy change consultation exercises.

We offer these important services in today's challenging business environment where not only is employment law change frequent and complex, but so is the commercial requirement to adapt and change to the economic circumstances.


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