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Kingshill are specialist diversity consultants with an impressive client portfolio including many leading UK corporations

Kingshill Management Consultants

Diversity Consultants

Kingshill is a leading firm of diversity consultants.

We deliver high quality, strategic, people-focused consulting services to the private sector.

We were established in 1994, and since then we have had the pleasure of supporting major UK businesses in the development and implementation of market leading diversity and inclusion policies.

Part of the Peira Group, we specialise in the areas of:

  • Strategic HR policy development in the context of emerging employment law & best practice benchmarking

  • Diversity

  • Training in employment law

  • Employee surveys (through our jointly owned business CoPeople Surveys).

Our work the diversity field is not solely concerned with diversity policy - any employer can have policies, but what happens in practice is far more important.  Where appropriate, we use the capabilities of our associated business Copeople Surveys to conduct sophisticated diversity / inclusion surveys which in the past few years have involved major UK corporations (including pan-European workforces) with employee populations upwards of 15000.

The emphasis is on giving objective guidance based on best practice, benchmarking, current and forthcoming employment law, and in particular the facts related to the particular workforce.

We do not subscribe to any particular interest group or "crusade".  Our responsibility is best advice to our clients to support their businesses.  Although we do strongly believe based on the evidence that positive achievements in the field of diversity / inclusion will significantly enhance both the employer brand and - highly relevant in the consumer / retail markets - the overall  business brand.

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Part of We are consultants supporting major UK businesses achieve commercial success through best practice diversity initiatives.


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