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The One Step Ahead Club™

  • Unique Fair Employment Practice Benchmarking
    • The One Step Ahead Club™ is a unique ‘benchmarking’ club comprising a group of private-sector companies who come together for one year at a time.

    • Membership is through annual subscription.

    • Managed and facilitated by Kingshill Management Consultants.

    • Founded by Kingshill in June 1996. 'The One Step Ahead Club' is a trademark of Kingshill.

    • Each company member is from a different business sector.

    • The number of club members is limited.

    • Covers a wide range of practical issues that come under the umbrella of treating people ‘fairly at work’, including equality / diversity / work~life management / and the rest!

    • Specific topics are selected for each year, placing a focus for each meeting.   These are agreed according to the priority preferences on the Club members.

    • The Club is not aligned with any campaign or political forum.

    • Each Club member representative is a senior-level Manager within their organisation.

    Some of our Club members – past and present - include:

    • Belron

    • Barclays

    • Simmons & Simmons

    • British Airways

    • NatWest / RBSG

    • GlaxoSmithKline

    • National Grid

    • Northern Foods

    • Virgin Retail

    • HSBC

    • Digital

    • Santander

    • Mars

    • Sainsbury’s

    • Channel 4

    • Waterstone's

    • BAA

    • Accenture

    • Total

    • Coca-Cola Enterprises

    • Xerox

    If you are a corporate employer, and are interested in applying to join the One Step Ahead Club™ then please contact Kingshill by emailing onestep@kingshill-mc.co.uk   to discuss further.



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